My name is Mackenzie

The community where I live is Joplin, MO

The disaster I experienced was the 2011 Joplin Tornado that destroyed a third of the city.

This is my story of recovery:

“This book was written by my favorite Communication Arts teacher. He really inspired me to actually write, because my other writing teachers were just like "whatever" and Mr. Turner made us actually like "you're a good writer" and so on, which made me want to write. So, after the tornado, when I was in the eighth grade, he told the whole school, “if you want to, you can write anything” and he would put it into a book and get it published." And everybody that had something in the book got to have a copy of it, which is why I have mine. And it made me really happy when I found out that my poem got into his book and it was really awesome.“


Poem “Recovering”:

Two weeks before school is out, something terrible was coming,

But no one knows what.


Tornado sirens wail with all their might, everyone scrambles to a basement,

Or anywhere even the slightest bit safe.


It get's shockingly quiet, while everyone waits

Until the coast is clear.


Then the rumbling starts. It sounds like a train

Rolling down endless tracks.


Windows burst, trees snap like twigs,

Death is in the air.


Hundreds of people, just passed on,

Only one from our school.


It stole many things from us. Our friends and family,

Places we knew,

And even a school


But in all bad things, there's always at least one

Good turn out of it.


We are recovering and growing stronger.

We will have new things and a stronger community.